Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Child to our Summer Camps


Camp season is almost here. And we all know there are countless benefits to sending your child to a summer camp. The boost in self-confidence, the development of new skills and interests, the friendships and memories they make — they’re all good motivation for getting kids out the door and engaged with more than their gadgets.

Here, at our art center, our focus of course is on what we do best: fostering and nurturing creativity in a way that’s accessible to all.

We have an incredible lineup of day camps to keep your kids occupied and inspired this summer, whether they’re toddlers or teenagers. From designing their own clocks and creating their own comic strips to building model-scale houses and making crafts from around the world, there’s no shortage of activities to challenge and encourage them. We’ll take them outdoors to explore the natural world, turn them loose to write, direct and stage their own play, allow them the freedom of musical discovery…We’ve got more than a dozen camps to choose from.

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Here are our Top 10 reasons to have your kids attend our summer camps:

10. We have great art teachers.
9. Our camps are fun.
8. It gets your kids out of the house (and out of your hair for a few hours, so you can actually wash that hair or do whatever it is you haven’t been able to with 2-year-old Jackson clinging to your leg while his sister threatens to turn the living room wall into a mural with her new metallic markers.)
7. We inspire creativity (which colleges are now determining may be as helpful in the admissions process as more traditional criteria such as standardized test results).
6. We always have good snacks. (Gummy animals and popcorn, anyone?)
5. Because art makes a difference.
4. Your kids will bring home cool stuff. (A light! Monoprints! A recycled bird feeder!)
3. We will help build great memories.
2. We have gel pens!gel pens

And the No. 1 reason to have your kids attend our summer camps is…
Frapp1. You can visit the Starbucks right around the corner for your Frappuccino fix after you drop them off.

Our first series of camps begins June 27 in our farmhouse, 305 Horsham Road, Horsham.

Let the creative fun begin!