The path of serendipity leads to this week’s ‘Luck Exhibit’


This week, we’re excited to welcome five designers from Kathy Davis Studios to our farmhouse for “The Luck Exhibit.”

These talented artists have joined together for a group show about luck, chance, and serendipity, all of which they will explore through a range of visual pieces, charms, and more.

Here, we turn the spotlight on four of these women in advance of Friday’s opening reception to get their thoughts on the role of luck in creativity and success, and to share a little about their processes and points of inspiration.  (For more on our fifth artist, Amy Houser, see last week’s blog post.)


Anna Lo PiccoloThis Elkins Park artist will be using her homespun mini-silkscreens to explore luck in iconography. The basic, imprecise methods she employs in her print-making allow ample opportunity for “chance happenings,” encouraging her to experiment with color or layering in unexpected ways.

Good luck, bad luck: “Luck means getting a good result even when there are factors that could very well prevent that or getting a bad result even when you did ‘everything right.’ ”

Beyond diligence and dedication: “I think working and practice ultimately will bring you to a good place, though luck can play a part when you’ve done all you can do. For the better or worse, a piece works or doesn’t. You are in the right place or you are not.”

Endlessly inspired: “I’m inspired by nature, history and legends, stories and literature. My art allows me to express what I find to be beautiful and interesting.”


Kimberly, of Levittown, is incorporating traditional symbols of luck in her mixed media collages.

Embracing the mess of mixed media: “It’s freeing and expressive, messy and fun, and there are never, ever any mistakes — only creative solutions for what didn’t work the first time.” Kimberly Seslar

Borrowed luck: “I’m not sure what luck means to me but I love this quote by Tennessee Williams, and I think it’s true: ‘Luck is believing you’re lucky.’ ”

An artist’s luck: “I do believe that being in the right time, right place and meeting the right people does affect our path as artists, which some might say is luck or fate…but I also believe we make our own luck through passion, hard work and believing in ourselves and our artistic vision. One of my favorite quotes is ‘The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself’ (by Douglas MacArthur).”

A well of creativity: “I’m inspired by color, textures, papers, a multitude of art mediums, found objects, quotes — the world around me!”

The path of discovery: “Art is an exploration, a way to express thoughts and ideas. It’s a journey that allows you to express who you are, what you’re capable of and share that talent with others.”


Carol Supon - encaustic paintingCarol, who lives in Churchville, will be exploring the idea of random chaos in her encaustic paintings. The process-intensive medium is more than 2,000 years old (it was first used by the Ancient Greeks) and involves the use of beeswax and damar resin. Carol enjoys working with encaustic paints for their rich color, singular fragrance and unpredictable nature.

Simply stated: “Luck means a blessing from God.”

In the company of luck: “You’re very lucky indeed if, like myself, you find yourself surrounded by inspiring and encouraging artists.”

Formula for success: “Risk failure. Have faith.”

A canvas for the natural world: “I’m inspired by the beauty of nature. My art allows me to express, in some small way, the astounding beauty I see everyday. I truly believe art can touch the soul.”


A Harleysville artist, Maureen loves the commingling of naivete and sophistication that pencil and watercolor provide, breathing life and personality into her art. Her pieces will chart the trajectory of a concept from birth to execution, as shaped by serendipity and chance. They will also explore her own response to serendipitous events in her life that impact her creativity.

Magic and receptivity: “Luck means some magic finding its way into your life/consciousness and also being open to receiving its message. The more open you are – the more it’s apparent.”

Maureen FlynnTune in for success: “Follow the magical prompting which dances around you. Be open to serendipity as it gently taps you on your shoulder. As an artist, you must listen to your inner voice as it prompts you in the right direction. Always.”

Everywhere, inspiration: “I’m inspired by anything poetic — light and earth, music and texture, whimsy in all things, my daughter and her point of view as she matures.”

A lens for change: “Art should be magical and transformative; it should make you feel something, it should change your point of view (if only for a moment), and you should walk away with something different than what you came with.”

“The Luck Exhibit” opens this Friday with a reception from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts, 305 Horsham Road, Horsham. The group show runs through May 18.