The mission remains, the vision expands

Kathy Davis has always been interested in helping to inspire others to find and share joy through the arts. That passion has been a driving force throughout her career as the founder of her namesake greeting card and lifestyle brand.

It was also what fueled the launch of the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts, a nonprofit that made arts programming accessible to all through community classes, exhibits and live performance

That brick and mortar art center may have closed its doors but Scatter Joy still lives on, embodying Kathy’s mission to support the arts. Our social media continues to deliver inspiration and wisdom across multiple arts disciplines while encouraging the individual pursuit of creativity. And our art center now exists as a virtual philanthropic entity.

“Since my days as a high school art teacher, I have seen first-hand the way that art helps to enrich lives. And since then I have been fortunate to discover a career where I can use my creativity to help touch others’ lives in a positive way,” says Kathy. “I truly believe that art makes a difference.”

Scatter Joy continues to do just that with its Scatter Joy Ambassador program, recognizing the individuals and organizations nurturing creativity and using the arts to make an impact in communities not typically exposed to such resources. Its outreach will span local to international efforts.

Already, it has sponsored its first international grant to renowned wildlife artist and teacher Deborah Ross to fund art supplies for children in Madagascar. You can read more about Deborah and her philanthropic outreach in an upcoming blog post.

“While it was thrilling to watch our fledgling arts center make a difference in our own community,” says Kathy, “I am now excited about expanding my vision from local to global.”

Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming philanthropic commitments and to see how you might play a role in contributing to the good we hope to inspire.