Our first pop-up exhibit to feature the photography of Bucks County artist Chris Ochadlick



For years, Chris Ochadlick has made her own photo cards for family and friends, capturing seemingly insignificant slivers of daily life that many of those recipients have gone on to frame as art. Time and again, she’s been encouraged her to share her work in a public arena.

But the Bucks County artist and New Jersey native has always hesitated — until now. Her debut exhibit “Through My Eyes” opens in our farmhouse on July 22.

“When it comes to my photography I’m kind of shy,” she says. “I’m not afraid someone won’t like my work. It’s more that when an artist shows their work, especially for the first time, they are vulnerable. Photography for me is very personal.” 

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Sandy Bender on finding inspiration in natural disasters and tribal legend


Today, our new exhibit, “Fantasy Tales,” presented by the Bucks County Illustrators Society, opens.

Showcasing the work of 19 local artists and spanning a range of styles, from pencil drawing and oil painting to mixed media and digital illustration, the exhibit is inspired by stories with elements of the fairy tale, supernatural or fantastical. 

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The path of serendipity leads to this week’s ‘Luck Exhibit’


This week, we’re excited to welcome five designers from Kathy Davis Studios to our farmhouse for “The Luck Exhibit.”

These talented artists have joined together for a group show about luck, chance, and serendipity, all of which they will explore through a range of visual pieces, charms, and more.

Here, we turn the spotlight on four of these women in advance of Friday’s opening reception to get their thoughts on the role of luck in creativity and success, and to share a little about their processes and points of inspiration.

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‘The Luck Exhibit’: Amy Houser speaks out loud the colors in her head


On April 22, our newest show “The Luck Exhibit” will open, featuring five different artists offering their interpretations of luck, chance and serendipity in their lives, and in their art.

The group exhibit, which will run through May 18, is the collective brainchild of its artists, all designers at Kathy Davis Studios. Through mediums ranging from encaustic painting to mixed media collages, they will explore the significance of fortune as influenced by culture, myth, philosophy, personal belief and more.

32026f6Yardley artist Amy Houser will exhibit several works in watercolor, colored pencils and salt.

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