Advice from a college senior: how to build and maintain your confidence as a young designer


portrait-deanna-blackToday, our Kutztown University Communication Design Illustration Showcase opens in our farmhouse, featuring the work of more than 30 students in the program. We’re highlighting their work in honor of Kutztown alumna Kathy Davis, founder of the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts.

Our guest blogger this week is Upper Moreland High School graduate Deanna Black, a senior graphic designer and illustrator in the school of Communication Design, who will have several pieces on display during the exhibit. 

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10 Things No One Tells You About Design Majors


This week, we have a guest blog from North Penn High School graduate Rebecca Murray. Rebecca, who lives in Hatfield, attends Kutztown University and is one of 37 students from the school’s Communication Design program whose work will be exhibited in our September gallery show, opening on the 23rd. 

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5 Myths about Being an Artist — Debunked


Myths about what it means to pursue the artist’s path have been around for as long as artists have been creating. From their perfectionist tendencies and eccentric personalities to the moody temperaments and chaos that can inspire (and also derail) their forms of expression, these stereotypes persist despite the diversity of artists working today and the many insights into their process that they willingly reveal.

Lisa and Robert Papp have heard their fair share of such assumptions. Both successful artist who live in Bucks County — Lisa is an author and illustrator and Robert a fine artist and illustrator — the husband and wife have, in forging their individual career paths, disproved perhaps one of the most popular myths, that of the starving artist. 

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Illustrator Dan Fione on embracing the conundrum of his work


This month, our gallery show features Harleysville illustrator and artist Dan Fione. A freelance illustrator for more than 30 years, Fione has created art for National Geographic, TV Guide Magazine, the National Park Service and Goya, among other notable clients. His illustrations in pen and ink, acrylic and mixed media have been featured in a multitude of designs from advertising campaigns and children’s books to materials for food and medical products. 

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A few words about our Joy Squared Art Show


We all remember the incredible night last September when we hosted our Joy Squared Art Show and Auction. It was truly an unforgettable celebration of art and community, done in the collaborative and charitable spirit we value here at our Scatter Joy Center for the Arts.

After reflection and further discussion, we have decided to postpone the event for this year.

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Our first pop-up exhibit to feature the photography of Bucks County artist Chris Ochadlick



For years, Chris Ochadlick has made her own photo cards for family and friends, capturing seemingly insignificant slivers of daily life that many of those recipients have gone on to frame as art. Time and again, she’s been encouraged her to share her work in a public arena.

But the Bucks County artist and New Jersey native has always hesitated — until now. Her debut exhibit “Through My Eyes” opens in our farmhouse on July 22.

“When it comes to my photography I’m kind of shy,” she says. “I’m not afraid someone won’t like my work. It’s more that when an artist shows their work, especially for the first time, they are vulnerable. Photography for me is very personal.” 

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Sandy Bender on finding inspiration in natural disasters and tribal legend


Today, our new exhibit, “Fantasy Tales,” presented by the Bucks County Illustrators Society, opens.

Showcasing the work of 19 local artists and spanning a range of styles, from pencil drawing and oil painting to mixed media and digital illustration, the exhibit is inspired by stories with elements of the fairy tale, supernatural or fantastical. 

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Keeping current with trends in illustration art and design: an artist’s story

This month, we’re excited to be hosting an exhibit by the Bucks County Illustrators Society. “Fantasy Tales,” opening June 24 and running through July 20, will showcase the work of 19 area illustrators. Each featured work draws inspiration from a story with elements of the fairy tale, supernatural or fantastical.

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An interview with singer-songwriter Meghan Cary: ‘Music is not meant to be safe’


CARYA stage actress-turned-accidental-musician, Meghan Cary has been writing songs for more than 20 years. After finding success around the globe as a thespian and voiceover artist, the Philadelphia-area artist was led to her debut as a performing singer-songwriter through the path of devastating heartbreak. Her first album, “New Shoes,” released in 1998 and penned from a sorrowing catharsis following the sudden death of her fiancé Matthew Black, earned her a Critic’s Choice Award from Billboard Magazine. Cary has been pouring her heart, humor, and life wisdom into the stories she shares through song ever since, including her most recent release “Sing Louder: The Festival EP.” 

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Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Child to our Summer Camps


Camp season is almost here. And we all know there are countless benefits to sending your child to a summer camp. The boost in self-confidence, the development of new skills and interests, the friendships and memories they make — they’re all good motivation for getting kids out the door and engaged with more than their gadgets.

Here, at our art center, our focus of course is on what we do best: fostering and nurturing creativity in a way that’s accessible to all.

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