Overview and Mission

chalkKathy Davis, Chief Visionary Officer and President of Kathy Davis Studios, has been working with a small team of stakeholders for the past four years to plan the development and implementation of a regional art center. The initial stakeholders in this early work have been Peter Walts, Kathy’s husband and Kathy Davis Studios company member, and William Lessa, a recently retired school administrator from the Hatboro-Horsham School District.

Kathy’s vision is to create a non-profit art center that will enhance the arts and culture for people within our extended community. It has long been Kathy’s belief that creating, experiencing, and enjoying art should be readily available opportunities for all. Aligning with the mission of her design studio, to scatter joy through art, through living, and through giving, the dream of the art center is to provide programs and opportunities that will be easily accessed by all and will further embrace the mission to scatter joy.

Inspired by this personal and professional vision, the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts opened its doors in January of 2015.

clayThe mission of the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts is to scatter joy and enrich the community through sharing arts and involving the community in arts-based service projects. The primary goal is to provide community service through the arts. By involving local artists, art enthusiasts, residents, and area businesses, our center will meet a variety of community service needs. Artists, artisans, art enthusiasts, and community members can extend their time and talents to help create public art and provide arts education for children and adults. Performances and gallery shows will be organized to provide venues for young, aspiring, and established artists. Performances will include music, poetry, theater, and film. Veteran artists and art educators would have opportunities to mentor aspiring artists and assist in chaperoning travel opportunities for community members interested in visual and performing arts venues.

The initial board of directors will include five members, with Kathy Davis and Peter Walts being two of the five directors. Additional board members are Nancy DeLucia, executive director of the Hatboro-Horsham Educational Foundation, Jon Kircher, principal of the Keith Valley Middle School, and James Senderling, financial consultant with Merrill-Lynch.

As the SJCA rolls forward in 2015, the following programs will be initiated:

  • Gallery Exhibits
  • Unique classes for children and adults that provide creative opportunities
  • Public art initiatives including mural painting and seasonal decorations
  • Art and Artisan contributions to charitable causes
  • Guest presentations and mentoring for community art students
  • Special events (featuring performing arts)
  • Arts and Culture-related trips