Overview and Mission


Kathy Davis, owner and Chief Visionary Officer of Kathy Davis Studios, has been working with an evolving team of stakeholders for the past seven years to plan and develop initiatives to support the arts.

Kathy’s vision has always been to help enhance the arts and culture for people within our extended community and beyond. It has long been Kathy’s belief that creating, experiencing, and enjoying art should be readily available opportunities for all. Her mission has always been to scatter joy through art, through living, and through giving, and at Scatter Joy we do that by supporting arts programs that assist in making a difference.

Over the years, the structure and programming for the Center have taken on a variety of shapes and directions. Over time, the structure has evolved from a brick and mortar community art center providing a rich mix of visual arts and music programming, exhibits, and concerts……to a social media resource for the arts…… to a philanthropic organization that embraces creative endeavors which support Kathy’s founding vision.


clayAs the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts moves forward into the future, there continues to be energy and passion for Kathy’s vision. Those interested and supportive of the SJCA will see a continued presence in social media and will read about ongoing philanthropic commitments to inspire creative endeavors on the local, regional, national, and international levels.

To stay abreast of the SJCA’s efforts to support and embrace the arts through social media, please continue to follow us through Face Book, Instagram, and our blog which is featured on the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts website.

Also, as you stay tuned, you will learn about our current and upcoming philanthropic efforts and how you can contribute individually or corporately to a blend of inspiring creative projects.

Our Outreach Director for the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts is William Lessa, who has worked by Kathy’s side since the early planning stages of the art center’s development. Our five member Board of Directors includes Kathy Davis, Peter Walts, Nancy DeLucia , Jonathan Kircher, and James Senderling. Nancy joined the board with tremendous experience in regional arts, culture, and non-profit organizations. Jon is an administrator in the Hatboro-Horsham School District and brings to the board an understanding of educational program and local community needs. Jim is a senior financial advisor with Merril-Lynch and brings decades of experience in key financial matters.