A few words about our Joy Squared Art Show


We all remember the incredible night last September when we hosted our Joy Squared Art Show and Auction. It was truly an unforgettable celebration of art and community, done in the collaborative and charitable spirit we value here at our Scatter Joy Center for the Arts.

After reflection and further discussion, we have decided to postpone the event for this year.

While we are as committed to building community and fostering creativity through the arts as we have ever been, we have been discussing some new and exciting plans for our future. So while we explore possibilities for the new path we may take, we are holding off on any significant fundraising initiatives.

We deeply appreciate everyone’s support last year in rallying around this special night to make it a success. From the 350 artists and friends far and wide who donated time and talent creating squares for our silent auction to the volunteers who generously gave their time to help us run the event, every show of support mattered, and we can’t thank you enough.

The money raised through Joy Squared went toward both community-based and outreach efforts to provide joy through art. Those included providing arts scholarships and discounts; funding our after-school program for middle school youth; initiating new music programming; and providing free art supplies to underserved communities.

As we work to determine our longer-range plans and goals over the next few months, we will keep you all posted. Our goal is to sponsor another Joy Squared Art Show and Auction in 2017… so stay tuned!

In the meantime, we still have a full offering of classes, exhibits and workshops happening this fall. Please do check out our schedule and we hope to see many of you in the near future.